Each EsScent-Oil® Diffuser is designed to give you unbeatable aromatherapy all day.

"A small business is an amazing way to serve and leave an impact on the world you live in." Nicole Snow

10% of the sales of "Bee the Difference" Collection will be donated to local food bank.

Druzy Stone Diffuser Bracelets

Designing with Purpose and Function

Diffuser Earrings

EsScent-Oil® Frankincense Diffuser Bracelets

Why EsScent-Oil® Jewelry?

As an Occupational Therapy Practitioner (26 yr) and a jewelry designer(17 yrs) I help people meet wellness and health-enrichment goals by promoting methods for empowering others to strive for health and emotional well-being. In all areas of my practice, I research and develop the best modalities I can find to give the best results for the wellness journey.

As an occupational therapy practitioner, I implement function to help others use aromatherapy as a part of their wellness routine to support the body’s natural ability to heal itself. As a jewelry designer, I create high quality therapeutic diffuser jewelry. I am a handmade artisan who makes each jewelry piece and have been designing jewelry for 17 years.


Living Well Changes Everything

Essential Oil Diffuser Jewelry


Essential Oil Diffuser Jewelry

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TJE Design Studio Established 2002
All products created and shipped from Indiana 

Happy Oiling, Tanya xoxo