About TJE Design Studio


I am thrilled that everyone who uses EsScent-Oil™ Jewelry knows that they are getting a  custom designed aromatherapy diffuser that will add  beauty, wellness and happiness into their lives everyday. Wellness never looked so beautiful!

I believe in taking action for our health as I did for my children who have special health and medical concerns. And later for myself when I was immune compromised, depressed and struggling to live a happy, healthy, productive life.
Aromatherapy was an important step toward balance, wellness, strength and courage amidst the illnesses. So like you I set out to find a way to have the benefits of aromatherapy with me at work, in the car, at school events, meetings, shopping, etc. I applied my skills as an Occupational Therapist (20+ years) and as a jewelry designer (+10 years) to make/develop high quality aromatherapy diffusers so you may advance in your wellness journey.
Each piece is designed with the purpose of providing a therapeutic aromatherapy experience. My goals are to fuse function, style and durability in a unique collection to let you reflect your personal style. As an occupational therapist I help people improve or maintain skills for activities and well-being. I use my passion as a therapist and my passion for aromatherapy to develop new, functional, therapeutic ways to use our beloved essential oils every day……everywhere.
Where are you on your wellness journey? Take the “road less traveled” and join many others as we work towards wellness, balance, strength and courage. My desire is to provide beautiful, functional, therapeutic diffusers for you to benefit from essential oils and aromatherapy.

Happy Oiling, Tanya

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