Bee the Difference Collection Release

How We’re Responding to COVID-19 at TJE Design Studio

“A small business is an amazing way to serve and leave an impact on the world you live in. ” Nicole Snow

When rumors of “sheltering in place” were starting all over the US I wondered what would happen to us a community as a family. When the reality happened I wondered and prayed over those who were struggling prior to the economic standstill and for those who’s emotional well being was being put to the test. While working through a daily Bible study I asked God “What could I do?” A short time later the idea of the “Bee the Difference” Collection came into being. But I wanted to do more and that’s where I decided to give back to community where I live. Those people I see out and about. Our church has worked with the New Haven Food Bank regularly and I am impressed with their mission and how they provide assistance for people in need. So I decided that 10% of all sales of the “Bee the Difference” collection would go straight to the food bank to help those who are in need of food. 

A thank you to You,
In the turbulent times, I find myself more grateful for you. Not just for the support you show through my business but the long lasting friendships I have made all over the US. The TJE Design Studio community is a daily blessing to me and my family. Thank you for your constant support of our tiny business. It keeps me going day by day. Thank you for being You.

Happy Oiling, Tanya

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