Leather Diffuser Bracelets- How it’s made

Up-Cycled Leather Diffuser Bracelets

Leather diffuser bracelets are a great way to diffuse essential oils. I began collecting vintage leather belts with the plan to up-cycle the beautiful leather pieces into diffuser bracelets for a few years.  I have  finally opened my secret stash to design the “Wanderlust Collection”. I love working with leather and watching it come to life again. I often get asked about the process of making leather diffuser bracelets so I thought I would share the “behind the scenes” of making a leather cuff.

-Collecting Vintage Leather-

Leather Diffuser BraceletsI enjoy traveling with my little family and they all know I love stopping at consignment shops everywhere we go. I am always on the hunt for quality vintage leather.  Each belt is a masterpiece that I envision turning into a gorgeous leather diffuser bracelet.  It takes time to clean the leather so the hidden beauty can be seen.  Leather soap and essential oils  are used to clean, disinfect and condition each belt.  Here is a link to help you choose which leather cleaner is right for you.  Want to know what essential oils to use? Check out this great recipe for leather cleaner with essential oils. Pictured above are some of the belts that are waiting for new life after being restored.

-Shaping Leather Diffuser Bracelets-

Leather Diffuser Bracelets-CuttingMuch time is spent in the details of EsScent-Oil™ leather diffuser bracelets. Each bracelet is carefully measured for the proper fit and has unique details. Each of our leather diffuser bracelets are also given beveled corners for comfortable wear and classic, high-quality design.

-Finishing work for Leather Diffuser Bracelets-

Leather Diffuser Bracelets-Raw edge

Diffuser Bracelets-DIY1


Leather Diffuser Bracelets-Edging

  To finish the edging and details you will need a few tools; first is a skiver to shave down the thickness of the leather. Use the skiver to properly prepare the leather so that you can diffuse your oils for 24+ hours. Another couple of tools that you use together are the bevellers and edge slicker. When leather is cut the edges can be very sharp. Bevellers are used to remove these edges. Removing edges also gives a finished look. The slicker is then used to burnish the edges making for smooth and comfortable wear. The final step is to seal the edges with Edge Kote for durable wear.


Leather Diffuser Bracelets-Soldering

To ensure your needle work or embellishments are securely attached to the bracelet, high-quality, thick thread is used and then soldered to ensure stability and long lasting wear. Finally add a snap closure and your favorite essential oil and enjoy the benefits of essential oil knowing you up-cycled a beautiful piece of leather into a leather diffuser bracelet.

-Wanderlust Collection-

Leather Diffuser Bracelets

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So begin your collection of vintage leather and you too can make one of a kind essential oil diffuser bracelets.

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