Diffuser Bracelets

Fall in love with Bangle EsScent-Oil® diffuser bracelets! These stackable bracelets come in trendy designs, colors and materials which make them fun to wear. The bangles are stainless steel and adjustable. Gently pull them apart to get your perfect fit! Enjoy the benefits of your essential oils with the diffuser locket. It opens to hold a felt insert on which you place a couple drops of your favorite essential oil.

The Leather Wrap EsScent-Oil® diffuser is another bracelet option. They are crafted with faceted natural stones and high quality leather. Wear one wrap like a cuff, or pile on several to get the look of mixed stacked bracelets. Each leather wrap is handmade and you are sure to find your perfect color with choices like aquamarine, green jade, orange jade or South American Blue Topaz. To diffuse essential oils just add a few drops to the leather.

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