Frankincense Molecular Structure Diffuser Necklace


Show your love of Frankincense by celebrating the beauty of its molecular structure!

Frankincense (the actual molecule of the resin) has an elegant shape and is beautiful symbol to wear.

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Frankincense Molecular Structure – Stainless Steel

This EsScent-Oil™ Diffuser Necklace was designed to celebrate Frankincense (the actual molecule or frankincense resin). This is the coolest way to wear your favorite molecular structure and diffuse essential oils at the same time! Made entirely from stainless steel you can wear this necklace all the time. Add a few of your favorite essential oils to the lava beads and enjoy! All lava stones have been put through our special treatment process to remove any impurities, dyes and wax.

Sizing Chart


  Stainless Steel Chain Length: 16″- 24″ inches
 Molecular Structure:  Stainless Steel
Diffuser: 6mm Lava


How to use EsScent-Oil® Stainless Steel Necklace

Essential oils help balance and promote the health of the body, mind and spirit. Place 3-4 drops of your favorite essential oils to the lava beads and enjoy the benefits for hours.

Your essential oil Molecular Structure of Frankincense diffuser necklace is handcrafted to order. 
The finished product may look slightly different than the product photo.

TJE Design Studio Established 2002
All products created and shipped from Indiana 

Happy Oiling, Tanya xoxo


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