Perfect Fit Carnelian Agate Diffuser Bracelet


The bracelet will maintain the size you want for a comfortable fit every time.

Carnelian Agate: Self-Confidence

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How to size your perfect fit bracelet

To adjust the size of your bracelet simply “stretch open” each coil one at a time. If you would like to make it smaller simply “squeeze” each coil to make it smaller. The bracelet will maintain the size you choose.  

Material Details

Stone: 8mm Carnelian Agate
Cording: Steel Wire
 Variety of Czech and Glass Beads
 Diffuser Material:  6mm raw lava beads
Metal Charm

How to use EsScent-Oil® Diffuser Bracelet

Place 3-4 drops of your favorite essential oils on the lava stones and enjoy 24+ hours of aromatherapy. Several oils can be used on the same lava stones. 

Your essential oil diffuser bracelet is handcrafted to order and shipped from Indiana.
Natural gemstones come from minerals. Stone colors may vary slightly.


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