Unicorn Diffuser Keychain


Limited Edition Unicorn Diffuser Keychains! So much fun and great to hang on your purse, book bag or from your car mirror. Easy to use, durable,  and  includes 5 specially made pads that provide excellent aromatherapy. The pads are easy to use and are completely washable.

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5 Reusable Colored Aromatherapy Pads

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Your essential oil diffuser  is handcrafted to order. The finished product may look slightly different than the product photo. Please read below how to Use & Care for car diffuser.

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Unicorn Diffuser Keychain

 5 Reusable Felt Pads

Diffuser Material: Alloy

Diffuser Size: 30mm

Diffuser Closure: Clip

Silver Metal Clip and Keychain Holder


Essential oils help balance and promote the health of the body, mind and spirit. Each essential oil diffuser comes with 5 felt inserts. They are specially designed to be long lasting and provide effective aromatherapy. To apply essential oils open the locket and apply 3-5 drops of essential oil to the felt and enjoy.