Shungite Jewelry


The only mineral that has been scientifically proven to possess “fullerenes”, molecules with powerful healing qualities.

Comprehensive protection against electromagnetic radiation.

■ EMF Protection
EMF Detox
90-98% Pure Carbon

Shungite stone is only found in the region of Lake Onega, Russia. It has been used for it’s healing qualities since 6,000 BCE. It was rediscovered during the reign of Peter the Great of Russia in the 18th century. The amount of research, however, has increased with the discovery of fullerenes in shungite. Shungite is once again being studied by leading scientists and researchers to discover all the unique qualities that it holds. TJE Design Studio works directly with the mines to guarantee the quality and authenticity of the stones. When the stones arrive to the studio each one is tested to determine its quality through electrical testing. Unfortunately it is easy to obtain stones labeled as shungite on the internet that are truly not shungite. Many stones like hematite can look and feel like shungite but they do not have the same qualities that make shungite so special. That is why we work directly with the mine and do our own testing when we receive the Shungite.

What makes Shungite so special

Shungite has electrical conducting properties that are known to aid in the inhibiting of electromagnetic fields. Electromagnetic fields are created by electronics such as laptops, cell phones, computers and tablets. Placing shugnite next to your electronics or wearing shungite will NOT interfere with their operations, but will absorb some of the free radical output from the devices from entering your body. 

Shungite is the only natural source of fullerenes molecules. Fullerenes are considered to be powerful antioxidants (destroys free radicals) and increase cells’ resistance to external influence. Current studies show promise that fullerenes can accelerate detoxification and slow down the growth of tumor cancer cells. 

Shungite Necklace

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